Web Design

How do you want to be remembered?

Your website is what people think of you when you’re not available. Marketing experts agree that how you present your company online is the 21st century equivalent of your first meeting with a customer. And customers today are more visual than ever.

At iMajin, we know the experiences that leave lasting impressions happen by design. We craft high-performing, interactive and beautiful websites that communicate who you are, what you offer and what you promise. Whether you’re a startup or need to start-over, we’ll design a site flexible enough to fit your needs and grow with your future goals in mind.

Why iMajin?

Successful websites are more than just a pretty face. Now we’ll lift the hood to show you how smooth the engine runs. Our websites offer:

  • Fully custom designs. Every iMajin website is designed from scratch, because, like us, your business isn’t in cookie cutting (unless, of course if it is).
  • Optimal loading speeds. Our sites are crafted of standards-compliant xHTML/CSS and tableless coding. If that’s all goobly-glob talk to you, trust us, we’re quality coders.
  • Content Management System. What’s a website without the right CMS that makes it easy to manage and update your content? Yeah we thought so too.
  • Responsive web design & mobile-friendly websites. Whether your customer likes to browse on tablets, desktops, or the latest smartphone, we develop websites that work – and look great – across every platform.
  • Ecommerce development. Why not make your website your most effective selling tool?

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