Let’s Get Your Summer Dash Game Moving!

Hey there, Dash Coders! Ready to make your side-scrolling video game come to life? Let’s dive in and give it a whirl. We’ll be tweaking some code in your HTML and JavaScript files. Don’t worry, it’s not as tricky as it sounds. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open Your HTML File

Remember that index.html file where you set up the building blocks of your game? Let’s find it together. It’s usually in the main folder where you keep all your game stuff. Got it? Awesome!

Step 2: Make Room for Magic

Open up index.html and highlight everything. To do this, just press Ctrl and A at the same time. Say goodbye to the old stuff by pressing Delete. Poof! All gone.

Step 3: Copy-Paste-Presto

Copy all the fresh HTML code below. Don’t worry about the numbers on the left; they’re just there to keep things tidy. Now, paste the copied code into your index.html file.

Step 3.1: Update Your Game’s Title

In your updated HTML file, look for the <title> element (line 5 in the HTML code you copied earlier). Replace “Enter Your Game Name Here” with the actual title of your game. This is what players will see in their browser tabs when they play your game.

Step 3.2: Game Logo? You Got It!

Still in the HTML file, spot the <p> element (line 11 in the code). It’s just under the <div class=”game-logo”>. Swap out “Enter Your Game Name Here” with your game’s title again. This time, it’s for the logo!

Step 3.3: The Sound of Success

Now, let’s fix up those sounds. Scroll down and find the <audio> elements near the bottom of the HTML.

  • Background Music: The first <audio> element (line 5) is for your game’s background music. The ‘src’ attribute points to the sound file. Replace “your-sound-file-name-here.mp3” with the actual name of your chosen game music.
  • Shooting Sound Effect: The second <audio> element (line 48) is for shooting sound effects. Replace “your-sound-file-name-here.mp3” in the ‘src’ attribute with the real name of your sound effect.
  • Enemy Defeated Sound: The last <audio> element (line 50) is for the sound when you defeat enemies. Swap out “your-sound-file-name-here.mp3” in the ‘src’ attribute with your chosen sound effect’s name. Time to save your masterpiece! Hit Ctrl and S to save your changes and now you’re ready to update your JavaScript.
<!doctype html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>Enter Your Game Name Here</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="rsc/css/style.css">
    <div class="game-logo">
      <p>Enter Your Game Name Here</p>
      <p class="start-button">
        <a href="#">Press Start</a>
    <div class="game-body">
      <div class="game-stats">
        <div class="health-bar">
          <div class="health"></div>
        <div class="energy-bar">
          <div class="energy"></div>
        <div class="score-bar">
          <div class="score">000</div>
      <div id="platform-container">
        <button class="audio-button">Toggle Music</button>
        <div id="player"></div>
        <div class="enemy" id="enemy1">
          <div class="power-up"></div>
        <div class="platform"></div>
    <script src="rsc/js/dash.js"></script>
    <audio id="bg-music" src="rsc/mp3/your-sound-file-name-here.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" loop autoplay>
      Your browser does not support the audio element.
    <audio id="shootSound" src="rsc/mp3/your-sound-file-name-here.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"></audio>
    <audio id="enemy-defeated-sound" src="rsc/mp3/your-sound-file-name-here.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"></audio>