You’ve got a website up and running. But what’s the point if nobody knows about it?

The purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) is straightforward: build a website that search engines, like Google®, think is important and relevant. Simple enough idea, but tricky to execute. That’s where we come in.

How we drive traffic

Whether your site was built in the 90s or it just launched yesterday, we can create the code, write the quality content and build the links to transform your website into the selling tool it can be.

Our SEO toolbox includes: (Depending on the status of your current site, you may only need a select few SEO services to make an impact.)

  • Search-engine friendly web pages. Search engines don’t “see” your site the way a human visitor does. We’ll make sure your site contains indexable content, crawlable link structures – the works – so that your site is optimized for both human visitors and search engine bots alike.
  • Keyword research. What words are people searching for the most? Our process begins with an initial audit of your site to determine if the keywords you’re using now are the correct ones. If not (or if you’ve never heard of SEO before), we use online tools and reports to isolate specific keywords and phrases that target your customers.
  • Creative content development. Custom SEO’d content like landing pages and blogs because content is king, right?
  • Monthly expert SEO site analysis. We’ll send you monthly reports that provide in-depth analysis of your site’s performance, including internal statistics such as daily/monthly visitors (by page) and link tracking that identifies where your visitors are being directed from. You can take our report and make the changes yourself or ask our team to implement the changes for you.

We see SEO differently

SEO involves a lot of technical know-how. And it’s a process that requires constant upkeep in order to climb the search engine ladder. We’re not the kind of people who’ll promise you the moon in order to get business. Search engines try to look at websites every 3 to 6 weeks. Considering there are millions of websites out there, that’s a tall order. So search engines have to make good use of their time. If your website never changes, they’ll move on to another site that does. Our job is to make sure your site always attracts the right attention.
There are hundreds of aspects of SEO to consider, including on-site formatting, back-linking strategies, and website architecture. But we don’t want to bore you. Give us a call and we’ll get started on your SEO action plan.

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