First, your web site will need a name. The name of your web site is called your domain. This is what users will type into their browser to find your site. If the name for your website is not already in use, you’re in luck and it’s time to purchase that name before someone else does.

.com Domain Registration — $14.99/yr ($9.99 the first year)

Domain Registration

Once you’ve decided on a cool name for your website and checked its availability, your web site needs somewhere to live. Where your website lives is called your host and your host is where your website and it’s files are stored.

iMajin Hosting Services — $3.99/month


Now that’s all set the rest is up to us! We’ll design something that really represents your business’ essence to potential clients and current patrons.

You’re almost done! The Pièce de résistance is how to access your website to make updates once it’s live for the whole word to see. You can access your website through a CMS or content management system. Your CMS allows you to make changes to "certain" aspects of your website all by yourself if required.


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